PV Manufacturing Facility Planning Engineer


ODTÜ-GÜNAM has been founded in 2009 as part of METU as a research and application center and has become an independent legal entity as of the beginning of 2021 within the framework of Law No 6550 for Research Infrastructures.

ODTÜ-GÜNAM is Turkey’s only thematic research infrastructure in the field of solar energy. With the mission of becoming a global player in the solar energy field while leading Turkey’s development in solar energy technologies and industry, the research and innovation activities in ODTÜ-GÜNAM are focused on the fields of silicon photovoltaics, emerging photovoltaics, module, power electronics, grid, and concentrated solar energy technologies. Diverse technical facilities include the Clean Room, metallization, perovskite, organic photovoltaic, synthesis, CdTe, concentrated solar power, metal paste, nano optic, and test and characterization laboratories as well as the GÜNAM Photovoltaic Pilot Production Line.

Gender Equality Plan is implemented at ODTÜ-GÜNAM.

About the Position

ODTÜ-GÜNAM is supporting the companies in the Turkish solar energy industry either as a consultant or as an implementation partner in their efforts to invest in ingot, wafer, cell, and module manufacturing facilities. Based on the increasing demand for solar energy, we are planning to enlarge our expert team.

We have an opening for an “PV Manufacturing Facility Planning Engineer” who will work as part of this dynamic team that consists of experts in the field of photovoltaic manufacturing processes.

As required by the legal framework of ODTÜ-GÜNAM, the hired person will work within the framework of the Labor Law No. 4857.


  • Having at least a BSc degree from Industrial, Chemical, Materials, Mechanical, Energy Systems Engineering, Business Administration, or Economics departments of reputable universities,
  • Knowledge of energy industry and markets
  • At least 2 years of having experience in manufacturing processes, preferably in energy sector, solar energy in particular,
  • Familiarity with scientific and technological research and development activities
  • Openness and curiosity for dynamic and future trends in technology, new business ideas, and opportunities
  • Having an analytical mind for customer requirements and the ability to match product/service portfolio in a high-level system design
  • Ability to manage and coordinate the work and the team
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Proactive and self-disciplined in his/her responsibilities
  • Willingness to accept change and the ability to manage it, continuous improvement mindset
  • Persuasive, encouraging, and motivating
  • Good knowledge of MS Office
  • For male candidates, military service completed or postponed for at least 2 years
  • No restriction to travel or ability to travel up to 40% – both domestic and international
  • Proficiency in English and Turkish, verbally and written

Job Description

  • To conduct a feasibility study in which photovoltaic investment and production costs are calculated.
  • Designing production facility and then participating in the installation of the facility.
  • To analyze the devices and processes to be used in factory production.
  • To take part in the acceptance processes of production devices
  • Preparing reports on production
  • To perform other tasks that the project manager can give.

To apply: https://www.linkedin.com/jobs/view/3251910519

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