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ODTÜ-GÜNAM; Türkiye’s leading and most comprehensive national center for the development of solar energy technologies with the mission of being a global player in its field, was established in 2009 as an application and research center affiliated to Middle East Technical University. ODTÜ-GÜNAM became an independent legal entity in January 2021. Being Türkiye’s only thematic research infrastructure in the field of solar energy, ODTÜ-GÜNAM has Clean Room, Metallization, Perovskite, Organic Photovoltaic, Synthesis, CdTe, Concentrated Solar Energy, Metal Paste, Nano optics, and Test and Characterization laboratories in addition to the GÜNAM Photovoltaic Pilot Production Line facility for Silicon Solar Cells. Projects aiming at high technological readiness levels at ODTÜ-GÜNAM are carried out in the fields of silicon photovoltaic, emerging photovoltaic, module, power electronics, grid, and concentrated solar energy technologies.

Research Scientist in Passivating Contacts and TOPCon Solar Cells at ODTÜ-GÜNAM

We are a recently established excellence center based in METU/ANKARA that offers its employees competitive salaries, access to state-of-the-art research facilities, challenging and fun work environment, ability to grow and gain experience in many aspects of solar research and chance to collaborate with leading solar institutes across Europe.

The Center: ODTÜ-GÜNAM is a multi-disciplinary center of excellence in the area of solar energy science and technology. We started our journey in 2009 and since then, with rich infrastructure and human capital, ODTÜ-GÜNAM became the leading and most comprehensive national center of Turkey in the development of solar energy technologies including photovoltaic, concentrating solar thermal, and cross cutting technologies such as high-performance buildings, smart grids, and smart cities.

The position: We are currently having an open position as a research scientist within the area of Passivating Contacts and TOPCon solar cells.

We offer competitive salaries and state-of-the-art research facilities.

We offer collaboration opportunities with Europe’s leading institution in Solar Energy.


  • At least Baccalaureate degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, or closely related fields.
  • Strong background in theory of semiconductor physics, thin film deposition, and characterization.
  • Background in simulation and modeling programs e.g., Quokka3, TCAD. 
  • Specific background/experience in any aspect of Passivating Contacts solar cells, Polycrystalline silicon etching, or Silicon based bottom structures for Silicon/Perovskite Tandem.
  • Background in wet chemical processes and/or plasma systems will be a plus.


  • Responsible for development & design of TOPCon solar cells and TOPCon based   bottom structures for Tandem integration with focus on cost efficiency.
  • Responsible for doped and undoped polycrystalline silicon etching using dry and wet  chemical processes. 
  • Mentor MSc., PhD students (for candidates with PhD degree).
  • Coordinate project schedules (for candidates with MSc. or PhD degree).
  • Project report writing, following R&D progress of TOPCon related project.

Note: Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

The Location: ODTÜ-GÜNAM is located in METU, Ankara. This is a great place to live because of availability of top schools in the country for all levels of education, and a safe city with many possible activities. METU campus resides in a beautiful student & faculty made forest with great indoor and outdoor facilities. The campus is very close to the city center with ease of access to public transportation (subway and bus).

Note: Gender Equality Plan is implemented at ODTÜ-GÜNAM.

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