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ODTÜ-GÜNAM is the multi-disciplinary center of excellence for solar energy research and applications in Türkiye. It is a leading solar energy science and technology for developing national academia and the rising sector. Moreover, the center’s mission has been to be a global player in its field from its establishment in 2009 as an application and research center affiliated with Middle East Technical University. ODTÜ-GÜNAM became an independent legal entity in January 2021. It is Türkiye’s only thematic research infrastructure in the field of all of the known solar energy types, such as Silicon-based Technologies, Emerging Photovoltaics, Organic Solar Cells, III-V Group Photovoltaics, Tandem Solar Cells modules, power electronics, grid, and concentrated solar energy technologies. Our center is equipped with clean rooms, fabrication lines, Lab scale pilot line, metallization, perovskite fabrication, organic synthesis, metal paste and metallization development, nano-optics, and test and characterization laboratories.

Note: Gender Equality Plan is being implemented at ODTÜ-GÜNAM.

Test & Characterization Division:

The Test and Characterization Division, which serves the higher education, research, and solar energy technology industries of our country, works with the vision of being the leading institution specialized in its field in Europe and the Middle East and responding to and supporting the needs of the developing solar energy industry all over the world with trust and service quality. ODTÜ-GÜNAM Test & Characterization Division has more than 40 specific analysis devices. The division serves accurate measurement for academia and industry while it develops new approaches for electrical, optical, and structural tests and characterization for photovoltaics, solid-state, and solar energy.

Job Description:

We seek a teammate to work as a Researcher in the Test and Characterization division. The responsible person will be a scientific researcher and assist in test and characterization service requests from solar energy academia and industry. Advanced research infrastructure and a competitive salary are offered. In addition, cooperation opportunities are offered with leading European research institutions.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for running tests and measuring characteristics on solar cells using solar cell efficiency measurements and electrical/optical/structural characterization methods.
  • He/she would also be responsible for performing work related to these systems, such as documentation, sustainability (repairs, periodic maintenance, improvement, and calibration) of devices, learning, and system training.
  • Some of the devices he/she will be using are Solar Simulators, SEM, EDX, AFM, FTIR, Raman Spec., PL Imaging, PL Spec., PLQY, EL, I-V, C-V, Impedance Spec, Optical & Mechanical Profilometers, Spectroscopic Ellipsometry, Transmission and reflection Spec, Quantum Efficiency, XRD, XPS, UPS, ToF-SIMS, Kelvin Probe, UV-Vis Spec Cryogenic I-V Meas. (IVT), ECV, TLM, Lifetime meas., and etc.

Essential Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • At least B.Sc. Degree in Physics, Physics Engineering, Electrical Eng., Chemistry, Material Sci. Eng.
  • Background in electrical/optical/structural characterization methods used in semiconductor physics, inorganic/organic chemistry, electric/electronics, and material sciences is preferred.
  • Knowing the operation of Each Characterization System, add one point. Capability in Data Analysis of each adds an extra point, too.
  • Advanced English (C1/2) (It is recommended that you present TOEFL/IELTS/YDS/or Graduation from a University with English as your main Language of Education)
  • At Least two references are needed (It is recommended that you take references from faculty members)

To apply:

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