Academic Entrepreneurs move forward with BIGG Labsout

“BIGG – LABSOUT”, which is the first and only program focusing on academic entrepreneurship among TÜBİTAK’s 1512 Entrepreneurship Support Programs (BİGG) and which has become eligible for support, is carried out in partnership with ODTÜ GÜNAM, ODTÜ MEMS, ODTÜ TEKNOKENT, ODTÜ TTO, SUNUM and TÜBİTAK MAM.

According to the announcement made by TÜBİTAK within the scope of “BIGG – LABSOUT”, which is planned with a structure that will support academics at every stage in the process from the birth of innovative ideas to the achievement of commercial success, the 1512 Projects upper limit, including the projects whose application and evaluation process is still ongoing, was increased from 450,000 TL to 900,000 TL.

19 academic entrepreneurs who passed the first elimination rounds attended the training organized in cooperation with Oxford University – OXENTIA on 31 May – 1 June, and during the ongoing mentoring and business plan evaluation processes, the number of 1st-term entrepreneurs increased to 9. According to the program calendar, panel evaluations will take place in September and October, entrepreneurs eligible for support will be announced in November, company establishment and contract processes will be completed in December, and TÜBİTAK support will begin in January 2024.

Privileges offered to Academic Entrepreneurs by BIGG Labsout

– Right of Access to International Infrastructure Opportunities of Consortium Partners

BIGG-LABSOUT provides access to the LABSOUT Consortium infrastructure (device, laboratory, technical expertise) to support academic entrepreneurs in terms of verifying their business ideas and increasing their level of technological maturity.

– Mentoring Support from International Organizations

BIGG-LABSOUT offers academic entrepreneurs the opportunity to receive training from international consultants, as well as the opportunity to benefit from the experiences of technical mentors, business mentors, and trainers ranking among the leading researchers of the LABSOUT Consortium.

– The right to take part in the “ODTÜ Teknokent LABSOUT Incubation”, which is offered exclusively for academic initiatives

BIGG LABSOUT provides academic entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take part in the ODTU TEKNOKENT LABSOUT incubation center and become an ODTÜ TEKNOKENT company when they are entitled to investment support from TUBITAK.

– Access to the Business Networks of Partners

BIGG LABSOUT offers academic entrepreneurs the opportunity to benefit from the already existing strong relationships of the LABSOUT Consortium partners and to access their business networks. Thus, entrepreneurs have the opportunity to turn their ideas into profitable business models, to receive investment from investor partners, and to accelerate the growth of the company.

– Scaling Research Results

BIGG LABSOUT provides academic entrepreneurs with the opportunity to take firm steps towards creating a sustainable and scalable business model with the training and acceleration programs to be held in cooperation with the LABSOUT Consortium and Oxford University – Oxentia, when they are entitled to investment support from TUBITAK.