Dr. Özden’s Presentation at the Launch Event of the “TarımGES” Report by Solar3GW

ODTÜ GÜNAM Module Technologies Division Coordinator, Assist. Prof. Talat Ozden made a presentation entitled “Integrated Photovoltaic System for Agriculture” at the launch event of the “AgricultureGES” report prepared by Solar3GW.

In his presentation, Dr. Özden mentioned that it is crucial to determine the proper design method based on climate and agricultural products in integrating photovoltaic systems into agriculture and that it is a must to prepare data sets to be obtained through R&D studies. He also stated that ODTÜ GÜNAM has project studies to establish four pilot facilities in Ankara (Ayaş), Bursa (Mustafakemalpaşa), and Kayseri provinces to produce the required data in this field. He also mentioned that the assessment of the 5th pilot plant project planned in Konya (Meram), supported by Solar3GW and to be carried out in partnership with Tarımsal Araştırmalar ve Politikalar Genel Müdürlüğü – TÜBİTAK MARMARA ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ, continues.

Stating that the studies carried out with the data to be produced in these projects are not only for energy and agricultural product efficiency, Dr. Özden emphasizes that these studies can also contribute to the bureaucratic regulations in this field and the development of a new business model.

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