ODTÜ-GÜNAM Booth and Mini Conference at Solarex2023

We invite you to ODTÜ-GÜNAM booth and mini-conference at Solarex İstanbul 2023. The booth location and conference program are given below:

Invited speakers of the conference’s concentrated solar thermal power technologies sessions will provide information on the research they conduct within the scope of European Union-supported projects, of which ODTÜ-GÜNAM ODAK Division is also a partner.

Derek BakerBérénice CrabsPedro DiasSerdar HiçdurmazDr.-Ing. Ahmet Lokurlu, Cem Vardar, Hande Eryılmaz, Eylül Gedik

SolarTwins ProjectSolarTwinsSolarHubCST4ALLGeoSmart Project, Sfera 3

The invited speakers of the PV Session of the conference will be ODTÜ-GÜNAM Division Coordinators and Middle East Technical University Faculty Members Selcuk YerciGorkem Gunbas, and Ozan Keysan.

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