ODTÜ-GÜNAM Researchers at EU-PVSEC

We are at the conference of EU PVSEC, of which ODTÜ-GÜNAM is a cooperation partner, held in Lisbon this year.

The conference, which is currently being held between September 18-22, 2023, has been attended by ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies Division Coordinator Prof. Rasit Turan (METU Department of Physics), Lead Researcher Dr. Hisham Nasser, Assist. Prof. Veysel Unsur, Ph.D. and Researcher Berkay UYGUN from the same division, and Lead Researcher Dr. Sâlar H. Sedani from ODTÜ-GÜNAM Test and Characterization Technologies Division.

During the conference, our researchers chaired a session, presented papers, and participated in several cooperation meetings.

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