Renewable Energy Career Expo

We participated in the “Renewable Energy Career Expo” held at Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University Dardanos Campus as part of the Renewable Youth Energy (RE-You) Project conducted by the Southern Marmara Development Agency and co-financed by the Republic of Türkiye and the European Union.

ODTÜ-GÜNAM Corporate Communications and Event Manager Emre Demirezen, who attended the expo on behalf of our center, introduced the career opportunities at ODTÜ-GÜNAM to the young graduates who received 280 hours of theoretical and applied technical and social skills training in the fields of wind, photovoltaic and biogas power systems within the scope of the Re-You project, and who aim to pursue a career in the renewable energy sector.

GÜNDER team, one of the close business partners of ODTÜ-GÜNAM, was another important sector participant, promoting job opportunities in the solar energy sector to the new graduates at their neighboring booth they opened next to our stand.

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