SolarHub Solar Ignition Accelerator Programme

Join us on March 13th (10:00 – 13:00 TR) in Ankara for our in-person launch of our Solar Ignition Accelerator Program within the scope of our SolarHub project. The program includes three phases, and the first phase is especially aimed at researchers, entrepreneurs, and teams that have established their new start-ups (< 5 years experience)  working in the field of solar energy.

Through the solar ignition program, the aim is to spread PV-CST-based product/process ideas within the scope of the project and contribute to the commercialization and extension of ideas to help reach the right market/consumers. The program aims to extend the skills of the target groups through seminars,  mentoring, and networking activities.

The event is an important opportunity for the Quadruple helix actors (university-industry-policy makers-society) to enhance their ecosystem and further future project collaboration within the scope of SolarHub II activities.

The session will include contributions from the project coordinator Derek Baker, project manager Hande Eryılmas, and Ignition Program Lead Odysseas Spyroglou, and a Q&A session for your questions and rich discussions.

Details of the Accelerator Program can be found through the following link:

For participation and entry to campus,  please kindly register through the following link: