Ertuğrul ÇUBUK

Ertuğrul Çubuk received his bachelor’s degree in 2019 from the Middle East Technical University, Department of Mechanical Engineering. His master thesis is about generating heat flux maps of a solar simulator located in the ODAK laboratory. His studies have been focused on utilization of concentrated solar heat for industrial processes.

He has participated as a project assistant in the project titled “Development of Solar-Powered Drying Technologies for the Utilization of Waste Sludges” (Project No. 217M062) and the INSHIP project (Project No. 731287). Through these projects, he has gained experience in the industrial application of concentrated solar energy systems. He has obtained the designated expert user status for the parabolic trough solar simulator and solar simulator located in the ODAK laboratory, and the operator status for the Hot Disk equipment.

He conducted performance measurement experiments of concentrated PV cells under solar simulator as part of ERANET EcoSun project. He also performed experimental studies on the cooling of concentrated PV cells.