Hande Eryılmaz graduated from Atılım University (BSc.) and METU (MSc.) Industrial Engineering. Her master’s thesis focused on supply chain practices, entitled ‘Analysis of a two-echelon supply chain with postponement’. She is currently pursuing her PhD at METU Science and Technology Policy Studies on social innovation. She has both academic and sector experience and has a keen interest in disseminating science to the public. She is an experienced lecturer in the academic sector. and was project team lead for the implementation and international certification of the AS 9100 Rev. D Aerospace Quality Standard in the defense industry. She has several publications in the topics of supply chains, ergonomics, strategy development and quality management. Systems and Design Thinking, Innovation Management, Social Innovation, Quality Management, Project Management, Sustainability, Work System Design and Ergonomics are her main research areas. She was a PhD researcher in the EU funded H2020 SolarTwins Project entitled ‘Solar Twinning to Create Solar Research Twins’ which focuses on CSP (Concentrated Solar Power).  She is currently the Project Management -WP5 Lead of the EU funded SolarHub project entitled ‘A Greek-Turkish Solar Energy Excellence Hub to Advance the European Green Deal’ which aims to widen participation and spread excellence in the area of Solar Energy in PV and CST. She believes and puts effort in creating systematic and holistic solutions in all areas of practice and works to contribute to the quintuple helix by supporting the collective interaction among industry and academia in various dynamic systems. She also supports Gender Equality activities to empower women professionals in the energy sector.