Test and Characterization

Test and Characterization

Assoc. Prof. Selçuk Yerci

Division Coordinator
Our division analyzes the half-fabricated cells by their structures with Raman, FTIR, XPS, ToF-SIMS, ECV, EDS, XRD, and Spectroscopic Ellipsometry measurements. Elemental bonds and their roles in the solar cells investigated by Raman, FTIR, and XPS characterizations. Meanwhile, ToF-SIMS and ECV prepare doping levels of passive and active dopants in the cells. Furthermore, ToF-SIMS, XPS, and EDS could trace the impurities in the cells and affect their performance.
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Latest news from Test and Characterization

July 10, 2024

Opening Ceremony of METU Research Park

The Vice President of the Republic of Türkiye, Mr. Cevdet Yılmaz, officially opened METU Research Centers and Research Park on July 10. As part of the inauguration, Mr. Yilmaz also visited our booth in the Research Park and received information about the R&D activities conducted at ODTÜ-GÜNAM.

July 2, 2024

“Workshop on Current Status and Future Vision in PV Panel Recycling” has been successfully completed

📢 On June 25, 2024, our workshop titled “Current Situation and Future Vision in the Recycling of Photovoltaic Panels” organized in collaboration with Ahiler Development Agency and ODTÜ-GÜNAM at Nigde “BOR Karma ve Deri İhtisas OSB” Training and Conference Hall was completed with great success! The opening speeches were delivered by Bekir Varol, Secretary General […]

June 22, 2024

PVCon2024 Program is Now Online

To view the program of 4th International Conference on Photovoltaic Science and Technologies (PVCon2024): https://pvcon.org/program/