Innovative solar application suitable for dual use of agricultural land – Ayas AgroPV

Proje Koordinatörü
Dr. Talat Özden
Prof. Dr. Yusuf Ersoy Yıldırım, Doç. Dr. Pınar Derin Güre, Dr. Melisa Es, Zekiye Dilşat Duru, Burcu Ayhan
Fon Sağlayıcı Enstitü/Kuruluş
Ankara Kalkınma Ajansı
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Kırsal Kalkınma Mali Destek Programı
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Ayas Agro-PV project provides a new agricultural photovoltaic design that meets the energy needs, including input costs due to agricultural irrigation. This Agro-PV structure does not affect the agricultural producer, or if it does, it is negligible. 

With this design, Agro-PV aims to increase the efficiency of dual use of the installed agricultural land and to determine which plants are grown in Ayas conditions compatible with Agro-PV. At the same time, many sensors, control systems, and remote monitoring designs will be developed that will create a digitalization infrastructure for agricultural applications. During a year, seven different agricultural products will be grown, and the yields of these plants will be compared with the reference area, and the yield change in the agricultural activity carried out under Agro-PV will be determined.