Module Technologies

Module Fabrication Laboratory

Studies on improving module efficiency and developing new panel technologies are carried out in this laboratory. In general, there is an infrastructure for the development of panels on silicon crystal technologies in the laboratory. The laboratory device list, which also allows the production of custom-designed panels, is listed below.

  • Lamination machine (Lamination area: maximum 1000 mm x 1000 mm)
  • Laser cutting machine (can cut M0, M2, M6, M9, M10, M12 cell sizes)
  • Fully automatic mini-module soldering machine with robotic arm
  • Lay-up bench
  • Soldering bench
  • Ribbon cutting machine

Indoor Performance Laboratory

In this laboratory, photovoltaic product performance measurements are carried out in accordance with the IEC 60904 standard in the laboratory environment of pre-panels, panels and cells. However, electroluminescence (EL) and thermal measurements of the tested PV modules can also be measured under lab conditions.

Outdoor Performance Test Platform

ODTU-GUNAM has 24 panel test beds to determine short- and long-term performance of PV panels in outdoor conditions. Many different panel technologies (Mono-Si, Poly-Si, a-Si, HJT, CIS, IBC, CdTe, etc.) has been tested in this test platform since 2012. In addition, there are 10 grid connected PV system test beds to determine the short-term and long-term system performances to measure environmental conditions, the facility has a meteorological station and many different sensors (pironemeters, pyrheliometers, etc.). All test beds and measuring devices are located on the rooftop of the ODTÜ-GÜNAM at Ankara, Turkey. The performance measurements are carried out by using ISOS O1, O2 and O3 protocols in the facility. Also, EL and thermal images are periodically taken with high resolution cameras for every panel in the platform. The analyses for tested panels are conducted considering IEC 61724-1 standard. The performance measurement data are obtained as I-V scanning method in every 10 minutes time interval. The platform has an online monitoring web interface for the instant measured performance data. In this facility, new technology mini-panels or panels developed within the project by national or international companies or research centers  could be tested in the same outdoor conditions.