ODTÜ-GÜNAM is well integrated into the European Union through the projects such as CHEETAH, EU-SOLARIS, and INSHIP through the institutions such as EERA (European Energy Research Alliance) and EUPVTP (European Photovoltaic Technology Platform). At the national level, ODTÜ-GÜNAM is working with many research institutes and universities all over Turkey, a well as public and private sector institutions. It has already been recognized nation-wide through new collaborations, already running projects, and national networks. In particular, with its laboratories and facilities, ODTÜ-GÜNAM is capable of producing photovoltaic cells with traditional and emerging PV technologies such as PERC/PERT/PERL, Bifacial, IBC, HIT, Perovskite. This makes ODTÜ-GÜNAM an attractive partner for institutional and industrial companies. ODTÜ-GÜNAM researchers have been involved in many national and international projects. Among them, the projects funded by EU Framework Programmes and nation-wide projects have special importance for international recognition.

Accordingly, a key national project called MİLGES (Development of National Solar Energy Power Station) has been awarded to ODTÜ-GÜNAM and its industrial partners by TÜBİTAK (The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey). This project (the largest civilian R&D project given to a research institute in recent years) aims to develop high-performance photovoltaic cells and modules and deploy them in a 10 MW power station in the southeastern part of Turkey.

Turkish Photovoltaic Technologies Platform (TFTP), initiated by ODTÜ-GÜNAM, aims to make Turkey a world-leading country in the field of solar energy technologies. There are two major motivations in this initiative: reducing the use of fossil fuels that cause global warming and climate change; and reducing the energy import of Turkey, which is the most important reason for Turkey’s current account deficit. Solar energy represents the most effective option for solving both of these problems. In addition, when other factors such as the development of high technology products and other positive effects such as the amount and the quality of the employment are calculated, it is seen that the solar energy field has become a critically important sector in the development of Turkey.  Along with ODTÜ-GÜNAM, TÜBİTAK MAM Energy Institute and Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University as public institutions and Şişecam A.Ş., Parla Solar A.Ş., TESCOM, Aselsan, Nanovatif, iTechSolar as the private sector have participated in TFTP, which aims to make a significant breakthrough within four years with its ambitious and comprehensive program. In the project, Fraunhofer ISE from Germany, EPFL from Switzerland, TNO from the Netherlands, and IMEC from Belgium, the leading organizations in this field, also take place as partner organizations. With the participation of each organization in the program with at least one project, many products needed by the industry will be created in four years.

ODTÜ-GÜNAM has the targets:

  • Shaping scientific communities for generating energy from the sun, maintaining strong scientific production and academic attraction, raising qualified researcher workforce,
  • Increasing cooperation and interaction with stakeholders in the national and international solar energy business ecosystem,
  • Producing products and solutions for industry, trade, and service supply chains,
  • Establishing an information and technology base in the field of solar energy,
  • Ensuring sustainability of solar energy with strong technological production,

Providing intellectual property registrations and licenses, value export with sprout and spin-off companies.