Power Electronics, Grid and System Integration


There are two labs utilized by Power Electronics, Grid and System Integration Division (POWERING). Two labs classified as low-power system lab and high-power system lab are used to develop applications of solar energy. The former provides five people to work at the same time while the latter ten people. Currently, low power applications are conducted at the high-power system lab due to the construction and rearrangement.

Low power 40 m2

High power 200 m2


Low-power system lab                 

Low power converters and inverters can be tested and validated with having high precision and high bandwidth oscilloscopes and probes. High voltage and high current DC supplies emulates solar panels. Programmability of DC supplies provide conversion units with partial shading to validate MPPT control algorithms. Also, thermal analysis of conversion units can be done with thermal camera and high precision calorimeter.

High-power system lab

Converters and inverters with low and high-power ratings can be tested and validated. High bandwidth and high precision power analyzers, oscilloscopes, current probes, passive probes, and differential probes are available to measure and analyze efficiency, output and input waveform quality and ratings of conversion units. Thermal analysis of conversion units can be conducted with high quality thermal camera and calorimeter. Having a capability to arrange DC and AC microgrids with high power DC supplies, electrical machine emulating wind energy, active loads and passive loads is used to optimize sizing and minimize the power conversion on converters and inverters. Real-time hardware-in-loop can be applied to validate control in micro-grid. Also, grid interaction of conversion units and power quality can be tested with grid simulator.

 Low powerHigh power
Thermal measurement Camera Calorimeterxx
Micro grid (wind, solar energy emulators, active and passive loads) x
Grid simulation x
Power analyzer x
Solar panel emulatorxx
Real time hardware-in loop (HIL) x
High band current probes, differential probesxx
High band oscilloscopesxx