ODTÜ-GÜNAM was founded by an initiative from the Middle East Technical University (ODTÜ/METU). It is not a coincidence that this establishment has come out from METU, where the solar energy studies date back to the 80s. ODTÜ-GÜNAM has been supported by the Ministry of Development (Turkey) since its establishment at the beginning of 2009. ODTÜ-GÜNAM infrastructure has been built up in the great campus area of Middle East Technical University as a multi-discipliner research center. The faculty members from the seven different disciplines of three different faculties have contributed to the establishment and development of ODTÜ-GÜNAM: METU Physics and Chemistry Departments (Faculty of Arts and Sciences); METU Civil Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Materials & Metallurgy Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering Departments (Faculty of Engineering); Architecture Department (Faculty of Architecture). This wide range of participation reflects the center’s multidisciplinary nature, which is necessary for this technology.

ODTÜ-GÜNAM gained the status “Thematic Research Infrastructure” in 2021 within the scope of Law No. 6550. It operates in all scientific and technological research and development topics related to generating energy from the sun. Its studies are aimed at the development of technology, products, production processes, and methods within the Science and Technology Divisions below:

  • Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies (including TOPCon, PERC, IBC, Bifacial, Heterojunction)
  • Emerging Photovoltaic Technologies (including Perovskite, OPV, DASH, Quantum Dots, TANDEM)
  • Module Technologies
  • Concentrated Solar Power Technologies
  • Power Electronics, Grid, and System Integration
  • Test and Characterization Technologies

The values that ODTÜ-GÜNAM intends to offer to its target audiences – public/private sector, defense industry, researchers, students, and individual beneficiaries -, can be summarized as follows:

  • Cost-effective information, technology, and product solutions for solar energy needs
  • Qualified services that meet the needs of advanced technological knowledge and technology transfer, testing, analysis, certification, prototype production, and product support
  • Original and high-quality basic research, applied research, experimental development, and experimental production knowledge and infrastructure facilities
  • Qualified R&D and technical staff training through advanced research opportunities and infrastructure facilities
  • Effective solutions for the needs of information, scientific activity, training, consultancy, project guidance support on solar energy technologies