Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies

Prof. Raşit Turan

Division Coordinator
ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies (SiPV) is Türkiye’s leading research and development division in the field of silicon-based photovoltaic solar cell technologies. SiPV Technologies Division has various technical opportunities and a rich infrastructure, especially the Photovoltaic Pilot Production Line (GPVL), which is the most comprehensive facility in our country and the region for the production of industrial-size solar cells. PERC/PERT/PERL, IBC, SHJ, Bifacial, and TopCon are primary research areas that increase productivity and improve processes in cell technologies. Research on domestic metal paste production and copper electroplating is also conducted under the roof of the division.
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Latest news from SiPV

June 14, 2024

Workshop on Current Status and Future Vision in PV Panel Recycling

You are invited to the “Workshop on Current Status and Future Vision in PV Panel Recycling”! In the workshop to be organized in cooperation with ODTÜ-GÜNAM and Ahiler Development Agency, we are creating an important platform on innovative technologies and environmental impacts in solar panel recycling processes 🌍🔋. This event aims to bring together academics, […]

June 7, 2024

“Welcome Summer 2024” Event

ODTÜ-GÜNAM held its “Welcome Summer” event, which is held every year to welcome the summer season, on Thursday, June 6 for this year. The event was organized in the garden of the GÜNAM Photovoltaic Line (GPVL) Facility, with the participation of our division coordinators, researchers, administrative and technical personnel, and their families and relatives. Within […]

May 23, 2024


The fourth of the International Conference on Photovoltaic Science and Technologies (PVCon) series, which is Türkiye’s only and most comprehensive conference on photovoltaic science and Technologies, will be organized by ODTÜ-GÜNAM at Middle East Technical University – Culture and Congress Center between July 3-5, 2024. CONFERENCE REGISTRATION PAGE AND PARTICIPATION OPTIONS: PVCon Conferences Series information and […]