Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies

Prof. Raşit Turan

Division Coordinator
ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies (SiPV) is Türkiye’s leading research and development division in the field of silicon-based photovoltaic solar cell technologies. SiPV Technologies Division has various technical opportunities and a rich infrastructure, especially the Photovoltaic Pilot Production Line (GPVL), which is the most comprehensive facility in our country and the region for the production of industrial-size solar cells. PERC/PERT/PERL, IBC, SHJ, Bifacial, and TopCon are primary research areas that increase productivity and improve processes in cell technologies. Research on domestic metal paste production and copper electroplating is also conducted under the roof of the division.

Latest news from SiPV

May 11, 2023

Ahmet Emin Keçeci’s M.Sc. Degree Success

ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies Division Researcher Ahmet Emin Keçeci successfully defended his thesis entitled “Optimization of Phosphorous Emitter Using PClO3 Diffusion for PERC Cells” and earned his master’s degree. We congratulate our researcher, his thesis supervisor Prof. Rasit Turan, and co-supervisor, Assoc. Prof. Selcuk Yerci, and wish him continued success. #photovoltaic #photovoltaics #solarcell #perc #thesis

May 9, 2023

Alternative Industrial Manufacturing -Routes for Bifacial n-PERT Silicon Solar Cells

ODTÜ-GÜNAM Silicon Photovoltaic Technologies Division researchers’ study entitled “A comparative study on alternative industrial manufacturing routes for bifacial n-PERT silicon solar cells” has been published in the journal “Progress in Photovoltaics” having a high-impact factor. The complexities of the manufacturing routes for the bifacial n-PERT silicon solar cells vary mainly depending on the doping method, which can be either single-sided or double-sided. This study compared the performances of the cells fabricated with five alternative process flows proposed, mainly based on diffusion and ion implantation doping methods. To view the article: #photovoltaic #photovoltaics #solarcell #silicon #publication #article #research #ProgressinPhotovoltaics

May 1, 2023


As the stakeholders of the TÜBİTAK 1004 Program, which is progressing under the coordination of our center, the TÜBİTAK 1004 Program High Technology Platforms Experience Sharing and Promotion Ceremony was attended by ODTÜ-GÜNAM Chair of the Board and Middle East Technical University Physics Department Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Rasit Turan, and TÜBİTAK 1004 Program and Türkiye Photovoltaic Technologies Platform (TFTP) manager Büşra MADENOĞLU. #solarenergy #technology #photovoltaics #tftp #NÖHÜNAM, Nanovatif Materials Technologies, Kalyon PV, Şişecam, Aselsan, #iTechSolar, TÜBİTAK MARMARA ARAŞTIRMA MERKEZİ, Tescom UPS