Concentrated Solar Thermal Power Technologies (ODAK)

Assoc. Prof. Onur TAYLAN

Division Coordinator
ODAK Division of ODTÜ-GÜNAM contributes to the development of innovative concentrating solar technologies to be used in power generation and industrial processes. Studies by ODAK focus on the thermal applications in the medium and high concentration ratios and complement the research activities on the topic of concentrating photovoltaics.
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Latest news from ODAK

March 15, 2024

NATO’s Acceleration Program DIANA

ODTÜ-GÜNAM has joined the network of test centers operating under NATO’s Acceleration Program “DIANA”. We are pleased to take part in this network, which will increase the national and international visibility of our well-equipped and competent human resources, strong technical infrastructure, and technology development capabilities in the fields of solar energy conversion R&D. For more […]

March 11, 2024

SolarHub Solar Ignition Accelerator Programme

Join us on March 13th (10:00 – 13:00 TR) in Ankara for our in-person launch of our Solar Ignition Accelerator Program within the scope of our SolarHub project. The program includes three phases, and the first phase is especially aimed at researchers, entrepreneurs, and teams that have established their new start-ups (< 5 years experience)  […]

March 7, 2024

SolarHub Ignition 2024

The announcement of our accelerator program, within the scope of the Horizon Europe project SolarHub coordinated by ODTÜ-GÜNAM has been announced: The first phase is especially aimed at researchers, entrepreneurs and teams establishing their new start-ups working in the field of solar energy. Our aim is to spread PV-CST-based product/process ideas within the scope of our project and contribute to the […]