Deniz Değirmenci is a master’s student in Mechanical Engineering at Middle East Technical
University. He received his B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University in
2019. His work has focused upon solar radiation calculation utilizing Fresnel lenses, developing costeffective concentrating solar thermal systems, and thermal analysis of concentrated photovoltaics.
He participated in “Development of Solar Drying Technologies for the Valorization of Sludge”
project (G. No. 217M062) and INSHIP project (G. No. 731287) as a project assistant. Over the past years,
he received operator status for the PTC simulator and the solar simulator. He is currently assisting a
concentrated photovoltaics project in terms of thermal analysis using CFD and conducting experiments for
validation, and ERANET EcoSun project in terms of conducting experiments under concentrated light using
the solar simulator.