Deniz Değirmenci obtained his BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2019 and an MSc degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2023 from Middle East Technical University. Deniz has pursued his academic career in the field of line-focused concentrated solar thermal (CST) systems. This includes optical efficiency calculation with ray tracing, analysis and modeling of solar energy sources, and the development of affordable CST systems.

Deniz has contributed to the “Development of Solar Drying Technologies for Sludge Utilization” project (Project No. 217M062) and participated in the INSHIP project (Project No. 731287). During his time at ODTÜ-GÜNAM, Deniz gained operator status for the PTC simulator, and the solar simulator and became the designated expert user for the Hot Disk device.

His past responsibilities have included thermal analysis using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) techniques and verification of the obtained results by experimentation. Deniz has also conducted experiments using concentrated light using a solar simulator in the ERANET EcoSun project.

Deniz operates the devices in the infrastructure of the ODAK unit, undertakes the flat plate solar collector modeling task in the SolarHub project, and performs the modeling of linear CST systems within the scope of various projects.