Before send a service request

To prepare your request based on the services you want to get, please

  • choose the service titles you request from the list below;
  • review your service list on the “VIEW CHART” page;
  • send your request by filling the form on the “CHECKOUT” step.

If a service request is sent on behalf of a institution, organization, university or a firm/company, the discount rates will be applied as follows:

Middle East Technical University (METU): %50

Research Infrastructures supported by Law No. 6550: %30 

State Universities: %30

METU Technopolis Firms: %30

Foundation Universities: %20

Public Institutions and Organizations: %30

Firms/Companies within the scope of Law No. 4961 and 5746: %20

Public, University, and Private Sector Cooperations: %20 (If the request is sent on behalf of a university)

Service List